[Riddle Me A Love Song] - Original Lyrics

Riddle me this
When is love song
Got nothing to do with two hearts beating on?
It’s when, the love song-

I have so many questions
And so much time to find the answers
Time to ignore all my lessons
And try to find my betters

I don’t need anyone to give me hint
People say I have no heart
But there is nothing wrong with it

Riddle me this
When is a broken heart?
Got nothing to do with two people torn apart
The answer is simple if you listen hard

So many questions
Can’t find all the answers
Can’t remember my lessons
If only I was better

Love songs can be about anything
From loving nothing
To absolutely everything
All I know is that I love me a song

Is it so wrong,
That I just want to sing along?
I just want to learn the answers
It’s not that I want to be alone

So Riddle me this

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Genre : Music

[DESTINY BOMB] Original Lyrics

The bombs that we make
Aren’t dropped
They are carefully placed

So blow up now (So blow up now)
3, 2, 1.

Fate is life built with a destination
But what if you knew what it was?
Would you get off at the right station?
Would you let the clock stop?

If my life were timed down to the second (1, 3, 2)
Every kiss
Hit and miss
I would rebuild it

So let’s get up
And break the chain that binds us
Let’s blow up
And speak to those who will hear us

Tick tick tick (Blow up)
Tick tick tick (Stand up)
Tick tick tick

Fate is life built with a destination
But what if you knew what it was?
Would you get off at the right station?
Would you let the clock stop?

Would you let the bomb go off?

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Genre : Music

[DRIVE ME CRAZY] Original Lyrics

I want to lock myself in the loony bin
If you knew my mind I know you would understand
I’ll be the Joker, if you be my Batman
Because it is you that drove me to
The asylum in my head

(So drive me crazy, I will never be the same again)

As I feel the medicine
Take you away again
I know it’s alright
Because you are just a voice in my head
I know it is just another of my delusions
But I like to think that you will one day
Come visit me again

(So drive me crazy, you will never come my way again)

Since I locked myself inside
I never dared to look to the sky
Scared you might be there with shadowed wings
So instead I will look to the stars above my head
But as they danced around
They turned into your face instead

(You drive me crazy, you drive me crazy, you drive me crazy)

I locked myself in the loony bin
You are always in my head
So I will never be the same again
I will never blame you
Even though you were the one to drive me insane
So drive me crazy

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Always Remember Me - Dating Sim Review

I thought I would take a look at what other game teams had been working on as a bit of semi-professional interest (semi because I also wanted to seduce hot 2-D men), I took a gander at the demo for a little dating sim called Always Remember Me.

This is the description I found before playing the demo:

Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn't remember her anymore after a car accident!

Will you be able to make him remember again? Or perhaps it's time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else?

It's up to you to decide. Play this life simulation game with dating sim elements and shape Amy's destiny.

When I first started the game I noticed right away the mary-sue factors that would bother me throughout game play. The main character is NOT named Amy, her name is Amarantha, everyone just calls her Amy...which brought up my first question. Why not just call her Amy? Why give her a name no average person would ever have, making her instantly no longer a proper reader identification character? It is just such a forced name that it hurts, but it is at least a good thing you never have to see it unless you read it at the top of all of her dialogue. Other extremely forced names are involved such as Osher and Abagail, as well as stereotypical names like Lawrence for the shy glasses guy.

But don't get me wrong, I played through the demo twice to try and figure out why it was so addicting. The game play is different from an average dating sim, you actually have to go through day to day life like traveling from location to location and have bars for skill points, energy and morale. You have to earn money at your job to buy items to unlock certain events or to boost certain stats. At first this made me mad, why would you do that to a dating sim? But then I got into the routine, go to work, chat with this guy, go to the library and boost this stat, go home...you just got so zoned into it and I realized it was a dating sim combined with one of the simple living-your life games my little sister would play. Of course the system is not perfect, but I found myself thinking of contacting the group that made this right away with my own ideas for games using their system.

The guys themselves are simple so far, but you can't get too great a look into their deep stories in a small demo. I found myself really wanting to unlock each of their plot lines, which is odd for me and a dating sim, because there normally is one guy that I just hate. I have to give the writers credit for that.

Sometimes the audio is not the best, as it does not feature too many tracks (again, maybe it is just the demo) and I just personally do not enjoy random. voice acting from my main characters (Amy says something whenever she succeeds or fails at doing something), though I quickly got used to it.

The art is pretty good overall, the only things that ever really bothered me was Amy's work uniform's design and the little chibi of her on the side bar.

Overall I found myself debating on buying the game or not, which I would if I were not short on funds at the moment, and I would recommend anyone to try out the demo for themselves.

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Travel and Photography

Some flowers from my cabin. I caught them after the rain and they looked beautiful.


My little sister tried on this dress on a shopping trip we took to the states. We ended up not buying it due to the fact she had nowhere to wear it to, but I found it a really interesting design and pattern. I found the problem with it though was that it attracts all the attention from her cute face.


Another picture from when I went to the states. We went to a Mexican place (which is something I only ever have done when in the states, we are at a shortage in Canada, but to be honest I am not a big fan of Mexican food). The place we went to was called Paradisio, and my little sister picked this out. It looked all sweet and innocent but inside was a filling so rich I could only manage a single bite.


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I am a cheerful happy-go lucky teenager with a major insanity problem. It isn't MY problem of course. The world around me OBVIOUSLY is insane.

If everyone were sane, they would be living life like it is a ball and they were in the center of it all as dancing royalty in their own world, like I do.

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